What if you could spend less time on tedious paperwork, simplify everyday tasks and even improve information accuracy? Now everything from submitting applications to getting signatures to delivering policies can be done quickly and conveniently through our digitally optimized application process. Our goal is to save you from the hassle of managing new business — so you can focus on growing your book of business.

Protective Life offers an end-to-end process—from quoting and illustrations, to application submission, pending business status and policy delivery—that puts policies in force even faster. Our eTools make the sales process a seamless one, potentially cutting the time it takes to purchase life insurance down to a few days.

The real value comes when our technology frees BGAs from doing repetitive, mundane tasks, and allows them to provide high-touch, personal and direct service to both independent producers and their clients.

Here are the eTools we provide to empower you and your business:


Trade paper applications for speed, convenience and improved accuracy by using EZ-App to submit applications. Easy to use on both desktop and mobile, EZ-App is built for maximum efficiency and time savings.

PLUS: Protective Life Underwriting Solution

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to underwriting. PLUS is designed to underwrite applicants with the least invasive requirements possible. The program includes two potential pathways, depending on each individual’s qualifications: accelerated underwriting or traditional underwriting. All cases facilitated via PLUS optimize speed to issue.


Just submit it and forget it. When you submit an application, TeleLife takes care of the rest, from completing the interview to scheduling exams to ordering records to requesting additional information. TeleLife representatives are Protective employees, so you and your clients are assured Protective standards and quality throughout the process.

Electronic Policy Delivery

Deliver policies electronically through a secure email link and track delivery status. And, instead of entering each policy individually, you may be able to enroll all your policies in Electronic Policy Delivery, which will then send policies to clients directly.


Our eTools streamline even the smallest tasks. E-Signature eliminates the need for paper-based signatures and time-and-place limitations. You and your clients can use E-Signature any time, from anywhere.

To learn more about our optimized application process and how you can save valuable time, check out this flyer on Protective’s suite of eTools.

Let’s deliver on our promises. Together.

For Professional Use Only. Not for Use With Customers.

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