At Protective Life, we know that each client and each policy is different. Our core principles encourage us to meet expectations, serve others and do the right thing, and be the company that values long-term relationships over short-term gains.

Recently, a client sought additional coverage for estate planning in the amount of $30,000,000. He had two $5 million policies that he put in force five years ago with two other carriers. Unfortunately, a month ago, the client also formally applied with another carrier for the same amount, meaning the jumbo limit was exceeded.

Normally, we’d be limited by our internal retention limit. However, knowing how important this case was to the client, Protective’s underwriting manager worked directly with the BGA to go the extra mile, ultimately making sure the full amount was issued with Protective Life. So, just how did we manage to make it happen? It all came down to staying flexible and the determination to get the job done.

The underwriting manager worked with the BGA to convince the other carrier to “unlock” their auto-bind facilities, something that is rarely done. The next step involved several calls to our reinsurers, discussing the case and providing proof that the other carrier had closed their file. This collaboration resulted in our reinsurers granting us permission to auto-bind them for the full amount.
We were able to issue the entire $30,000,000 policy, resulting in a very happy, satisfied client.

This case study shows that we are always willing to go the extra mile for everyone we work with – from BGAs to agents to clients. Let’s continue delivering on our promises—together.

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