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New Premium Limits for Certain Life Insurance Products

Protective Life is committed to serving our customers and providing valuable products. Due to the current interest rate environment, and particularly the decrease in yields over the past few weeks we find it necessary to implement new premium limits for certain products.

Why is Guaranteed Income Important to Clients?

When it comes to retirement planning, many clients tend to underestimate retirement risks because they expect to rely on income from their Social Security benefits and pension plans. Find out how you can help clients feel more confident when it comes to their retirement plans.

The Benefits of an End-to-End Digital Process

What if you could spend less time on tedious paperwork, simplify everyday tasks and even improve information accuracy? Now everything from submitting applications to getting signatures to delivering policies can be done quickly and conveniently through our digitally optimized application process.

3 Things a Spreadsheet Doesn’t Tell You About an IUL

3 Things a Spreadsheet Doesn’t Tell You About an IUL
Is the product at the top of the spreadsheet really the best solution? To make the best choices for clients, it’s important to know the whole story on product performance—not just their rank on a spreadsheet. This is especially relevant when it comes to Indexed Universal Life solutions.

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How to Protect Clients’ Assets—and Yourself—from Email Phishing Scams

Remember the good old days when fishing was simply a fun pastime?

Things are way more complicated now. We have phishing, spear phishing, and whaling—all very bad news for clients—and for us as financial professionals. In fact, when we fail to recognize these forms of fraud and clients’ accounts are compromised as a result, clients lose assets and we’re vulnerable to regulatory fines and worse.

Keeping Score – the Protective Way

As the year-end season quickly comes to a close, we believe it’s important to slow down and celebrate all we accomplished together over 2018 before turning our focus to a new year of goals and initiatives.
Take a moment to read a reflection of the year from Dave Sheridan, Protective Life’s vice president and managing director of life distribution, specifically highlighting the scores and victories that truly matter in our industry.