We’re launching several new improvements to our Protective Velocity program that will make doing business with us faster and easier. Below you will see what changes have been made, what changes are coming and how they will benefit you!

Automatic Enrollment for TeleLife® Text Message Reminders
We’ve made our popular TeleLife text message interview reminders feature even better. As of April, all clients whose cell phone number is included on the ticket will be automatically enrolled to receive text message reminders about their TeleLife interview. Clients will first receive a text message with the terms and conditions and will be able to opt out of the service if they choose. Reminders will continue to be sent to the client until the interview is complete.

Automation Throughout the New Business Process
As technology evolves, we continue to automate more of our business processes to help speed up cycle times and move business more seamlessly through our systems. One of our newest automated capabilities – TeleLife automatic dialing – allows Protective to utilize outreach automation for greater efficiency.

If a client answers, they will have three options: (1) to complete their interview now, (2) to receive the toll-free number and hours or (3) to speak to a representative if they have questions. If a client does not answer, an automated message will be left on their voicemail that provides the toll-free number and hours to complete their interview.

Interview Scheduler for TeleLife Interviews
When submitting a ticket, an agent will be able to pick a date/time for the interview to take place. This new enhancement will increase interview completion rates and reduce cycle time. This will be coming to EZ-AppSM in the coming months.

Text Message Reminders for Electronic Policy Delivery
In early 2019, Protective introduced a text message interview reminder service for TeleLife clients. This improvement has proven to be very popular and makes it even more convenient for clients to receive reminders about their TeleLife interview. We’re now extending text message reminders into Electronic Policy Delivery.

Starting in June, when a policy is ready for Electronic Policy Delivery, the client will receive text message reminders that will guide them to our Online Customer Service website to review and accept their policy.

Automatic Offer Acceptance from Pending Business Site
We will also update our Pending Business website in the coming weeks to allow you to easily review and accept offers.

When cases are approved other than applied, Protective will email you when an offer is available. After logging into MyProtective, you can then review the offer and either accept it or request that the file be closed within our pending business site. You will also have the ability to request changes, such as decreasing the face amount. This allows you to take immediate action to review, accept and send your files directly to the issue team within minutes.

For questions or any additional information, please contact your Protective Life representative.

Let’s deliver on our promises. Together.

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