At Protective Life, we strive to serve people by leading them to the right solutions. And without easy, clear communication, this can’t be achieved. That’s why our TeleLife team is equipped with bilingual agents and recently introduced text messaging and voice signature capabilities1.

Bilingual Agents Available to Assist Spanish-speaking Clients
Once a client completes an electronic life insurance application, they will be contacted to complete the interview which can be provided in Spanish. This ensures the client clearly understands the questions and there is no confusion on what to expect for next steps in the process. Customers can also ask for Spanish when they call into TeleLife using the phone number 888.800.6608, option 5.

TeleLife Text Messages
There are two ways for clients to receive TeleLife text messages:

  1. BGAs and agents can opt-in clients while dropping an EZ-AppSM ticket.
  2. Clients can opt-in for text messages as they receive follow-up emails to complete their interview.

Voice Signature Capabilities
We recently began accepting a client’s recorded verbal agreement in place of a handwritten or electronic signature, making it effortless for clients to sign their application. Voice-signed applications will be available with all Protective-approved drop-ticket platforms.

When you’re writing Protective business, take advantage of our TeleLife capabilities to help cut down on application cycle time and provide an easy, streamlined process to your clients.

Let’s deliver on our promises. Together.

1 – At this time Spanish applications are excluded from our voice signature capabilities.
For Professional Use Only. Not for Use With Customers.

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