At Protective Life, we realize your time is important so we’re always looking for ways to help reduce application cycle times. With TeleLife text messages, you can get streamlined front-end cycle times, resulting in an expedited policy delivery to clients.

TeleLife text messages give clients a quick and convenient way to receive reminders to complete their TeleLife interview. Agents and producers can opt clients in to receive text message updates after an application is submitted. This feature makes doing business with Protective even easier—for both agents and clients.

Does your client want to opt-in?
Here are the two ways a client can receive TeleLife text messages.

  1. BGAs and agents can opt-in clients while dropping an EZ-AppSM ticket:
    • Clients will receive text message reminders to complete their TeleLife phone interview.
    • Text messages include TeleLife’s toll-free number and hours of operation — allowing clients to complete the interview when they’re ready.
  2. Clients can also opt-in for text messages themselves as they receive follow-up emails to complete their interview.
    • Opt-in links are included in the follow-up emails sent after an application is submitted. These include:
    • Application received emails – customers will receive an email when the ticket is dropped.
    • Interview information emails – reminder emails to complete the TeleLife phone interview.

Next time you write Protective business, take advantage of our TeleLife capabilities to help cut down on application cycle time and provide an easy, streamlined process to your clients.

Let’s deliver on our promises. Together.

For Professional Use Only. Not for Use With Consumers.

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