TeleLife® text messages and voice signature are making it even easier to do business with Protective — for both agents and for clients. With these new digital capabilities, you can expect streamlined front-end cycle times, resulting in an expedited policy delivery to clients.

TeleLife text messages: what you need to know
We recently launched Telelife text messages, giving Protective clients a quick and convenient way to receive reminders to complete their TeleLife interview. This new capability is available with all Protective drop-ticket platforms, including EZ-AppSM.

There are two ways for clients to receive TeleLife text messages:

  • BGAs and agents can opt-in clients while dropping an EZ-App ticket:
    • — Clients will receive text message reminders to complete their TeleLife phone interview.
    • — Text messages include TeleLife’s toll-free number and hours of operation — allowing clients to complete the interview when they’re ready.
  • Clients can also opt-in for text messages themselves as they receive follow-up emails to complete their interview.
    • — Opt-in links are included in the follow-up emails sent after an application is submitted.
    • — These include:
      • Application received emails – customers will receive an email when the ticket is dropped
      • Interview information emails – reminder emails to complete the TeleLife phone interview

Please review the text message service Terms and Conditions with clients by visiting

Voice signature is launching June 3
Starting June 3, we will begin accepting a client’s recorded verbal agreement in place of a handwritten or electronic signature, making it effortless for clients to sign their application.

With this new voice signature functionality, you can expect a faster turnaround time when receiving customer signatures on the application packet. The result? Voice signature will ensure a smooth, end-to-end digital application and policy delivery process.

Here’s how it works

  1. Voice-signed applications will be available with all Protective-approved drop-ticket platforms.
  2. After an agent submits the ticket, the client will receive a pre-read packet by email that includes the Application Part I and Part II declarations, Authorization to Obtain and Disclose Information (HIPAA) and other required forms
  3. During the interview, clients will have the opportunity to sign all required forms using their voice.
    • Clients are offered the voice signature option automatically; agents do not need to request it.
    • Clients can opt-out if they wish; in this case, we’ll provide opportunity for an e-signature or handwritten signature instead.
  4. Once the interview is complete and the client’s voice signature is obtained, the underwriting process will begin. The client will be prompted — via email — to review the voice-signed Application Part I and Application Part II on our Online Customer Service website.

Click to view the exclusions that apply to voice signature

  • Face amounts $3 million and above
  • Customers aged 71 and older
  • Customers aged 65 and older with face amounts $1 million and above
  • If the policy owner is someone other than the insured, a family member, an employer or a business partner
  • If a client applies for Income Provider Option or our Chronic Illness Accelerated Death Benefit rider
  • Foreign National – non-Green Card holders
  • Variable Universal Life products
  • Spanish-speaking applicants
  • New York applications

When you take advantage of Protective Life’s new TeleLife text message reminders and our voice signature functionality, you can expect an improved and streamlined process that will decrease the application signing cycle time — ultimately allowing you to spend more time building your business.

Let’s deliver on our promises. Together.

PLAG.1206964 (04.19)
For Professional Use Only. Not for Use With Consumers.

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