At Protective Life, we combine quality products with a competitive underwriting philosophy. We know that underwriting is pivotal to your success with clients, which is why our experienced team of underwriters works hard to assign the best risk class to your cases.

In an effort to ease Protective Life’s underwriting process, we recently created a dedicated team to support your Quick Quote needs. And thanks to this team, we’re able to process your cases quickly and more efficiently, just in time for year end.

What is a Quick Quote?
A brief question submitted via one-page email summary about your client’s history regarding medical, non-medical, financial, travel or avocational risk factors.
Please understand that attachments such as a Part 2 paramedical exam, laboratory reports, medical records or financial documents are not accepted for Quick Quote review.

Our Quick Quote team can help you with:
Quoting your client(s) for life insurance based on factors such as participation in hazardous sports, aviation, foreign travel, medical conditions (cardiac, cancer, etc.), occupational risk; or premium classification criteria (height, weight, cholesterol, driving record, etc).

How to request a Quick Quote via email?
Email your one-page summary to your dedicated Quick Quote address or utilize the following address:

We hope this enhanced Quick Quote process provides an easy and accurate way to receive answers to your field underwriting questions—prior to submitting a formal application.

Let’s deliver on our promises. Together.

PLAG.1031557 (09.18)
For Financial Professional Use Only. Not for Use With Consumers.

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