With our new TeleLife EZ-Worksheet, you can ditch submitting our traditional paper applications and add valuable time back into your day. After this worksheet is submitted, clients will complete a tele-interview and be screened for PLUS — Protective Life Underwriting Solution — giving them the opportunity to qualify for accelerated underwriting. (Accelerated underwriting is only available on Protective® Classic Choice Term and Protective Custom ChoiceSM Universal Life, and not on any other products.)

Some of the many advantages of TeleLife include:

  • PLUS eligibility for paper business — first time this has been offered by Protective, which allows clients the opportunity to qualify for accelerated underwriting.
  • Expedite processing by submitting to EZ@protective.com.

Some of the value TeleLife provides to the BGA include:

  • A simplified and streamlined application process, designed to underwrite applications with the least invasive requirements.
  • After submitting an EZ Worksheet, our TeleLife team takes care of the rest: completing the interview, obtaining all state-required forms, scheduling exams, ordering records and requesting additional information.

Read more about our TeleLife EZ-Worksheet and start saving time and focusing on your business today!

Let’s deliver on our promises. Together.

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