A reminder about APS reimbursements

Protective Life is happy to announce that eNOAH has been added to our preferred APS vendor list. As a reminder, we can process APS reimbursements via EFT to help simplify your business and credit your balance account faster. Our preferred vendor list ensures the lowest possible APS retrieval fees.

Move your business forward with Protective Velocity

Streamline your business with Protective Velocity. Our exclusive suite of digital solutions makes it faster and easier to do business with us. Continue reading to learn about ongoing improvements, including information about automating our new business process.

New process for electronic health records

We’ve heard your feedback on the length of time APS ordering can take and know how much time is involved when ordering health records for your clients. As a result, Protective has introduced a new process to request electronic health records to help reduce the amount of time involved with regular APS orders.