Don’t Forget the Different Ways You Can Submit Medical Records

At Protective, we know in our current environment there are many uncertainties, but we want you to have peace mind when it comes to your business. That’s why we want to remind you the different ways we are accepting medical records. That way we can help ensure your business moves through the submission process quickly and efficiently.

Streamlining Our Agent Authentication Process

In February 2020, we made key updates to our agent authentication process when agents call into the Customer Experience Advocacy Team (formerly Life Customer Service, Annuity Contact Center and Claims teams.) With your feedback, we’ve made changes to our agent authentication process to make the process more streamlined for agents, while still protecting our customers.

Save More Time with TeleLife® Text Messages

At Protective Life, we realize your time is important so we’re always looking for ways to help reduce application cycle times. With TeleLife text messages, you can get streamlined front-end cycle times, resulting in an expedited policy delivery to clients.

Reminder to Enroll for the New 2020 E&O Program

An important part of running a successful business is ensuring that you are protected from the unexpected, which is why Protective Life & ProEquities sponsor a competitively priced E&O program for its agents, registered representatives and investment advisor representatives. We recently announced some changes to this program, which agents will need to enroll in by March 30, 2020 to continue their coverage.

A Reminder About APS Reimbursements

As a reminder, Protective Life can process APS reimbursements via EFT to help simplify your business and credit your balance account faster. Review these guidelines and fill out the APS Reimbursement Request form to get started.

New TeleLife® Multi-signer Process

At Protective, we want to make the TeleLife process as simple as possible for you and clients alike. To help that effort, we’ve recently updated our process with greater efficiency in mind. Find out how this can benefit your business!