National Webinar Recap

Last month, we hosted a webinar to help make sure that you Don’t Sell Your Term Business Short — where we revealed how rethinking your term strategy can help grow your book of business. Here’s a quick recap of what we covered.

Lower rates with Protective® Classic Choice Term
Protective is now offering even lower rates with Protective Classic Choice Term, recently repriced on April 1! And because this product is designed with simplicity in mind, you can feel confident knowing that you’re providing clients with an easy-to-understand policy — at one of the most competitive prices on the market.
In fact, when comparing against other carriers’ term products, our term ranks in the top 3 lowest premiums 91% of the time, and in the top 5 lowest premiums 99% of the time.

Protective Custom ChoiceSM UL: A short-term solution with more flexibility
When it comes to term, it’s easy to focus on price — and Protective is committed to providing you with competitive options. But staying within the limits of traditional term insurance may be restricting the growth of your business and may not necessarily fit all your clients’ immediate protection needs.

That’s why we offer a more flexible and customizable short-term solution, Protective Custom Choice UL. This policy can provide additional value to clients who need custom coverage options and product versatility. Specifically, this solution offers:

  • Coverage that can be extended at the end of the term, without any additional premium cost*
  • The ability to convert to all of Protective’s single life permanent products
  • Customized death benefit periods, like 12 or 16 years
  • The acceptance of lump sum payments and 1035 exchanges into the policy

Affordable and customizable, Protective Custom Choice UL is a great option when term falls short for clients who favor flexibility.

Experience service improvements with our new electronic capabilities
Protective Life is dedicated to providing you and your clients with an industry-leading customer experience. As a result, we’re launching several new business enhancements throughout May and June to help improve Protective Classic Choice Term and Protective Custom Choice UL processing times:

    • TeleLife® Text Message Reminders:
      You can now elect for clients to receive text message reminders regarding their TeleLife phone interview. These text messages will include TeleLife’s toll-free number and hours of operation, so they can call and complete the interview when they’re ready.
    • Direct Transfer to a TeleLife Representative:
      Using our warm transfer capabilities, you can now directly connect clients to a TeleLife representative — helping jumpstart the interview process even earlier.

Watch the entire webinar recording to learn more about how Protective Life can help you rethink your term strategy to help grow your book of business.

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PLAG.1207018 (04.19)
For Professional Use Only. Not for Use With Customers.
*After the initial benefit period ends, the guaranteed death benefit will begin to decrease while the premium payment remains level. The death benefit amount will decrease each year until it reaches the minimum of $10,000. At that point, premiums will increase each year.
Protective Custom Choice UL (UL-22), a universal life insurance policy, and Protective Classic Choice Term (ICC16-TL21/TL-21), a level death benefit term insurance policy, to age 90 are both issued by Protective Life Insurance Company, Birmingham, AL. Policy form numbers, product features and availability may vary by state. Consult policies for benefits, riders, limitations and exclusions. Subject to underwriting. Up to a two-year contestable and suicide period. Benefits adjusted for misstatements of age or sex. In Montana, unisex rates apply. Premiums increase annually after the initial guaranteed premium period. All payments and guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of Protective Life Insurance Company.
Protective is a registered trademark of Protective Life Insurance Company; Custom Choice and Classic Choice are trademarks of Protective Life Insurance Company.

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