Financial professionals play a key role in helping clients protect their financial futures. But with so many options to consider, sometimes it’s hard to find the right tools to help reach new clients. Everyone knows that a prospecting strategy is only as good as its tools — and the Alliance for Lifetime Income has just launched a tool that can help reach new clients with a retirement score.

The Retirement Income Security Evaluation Score — or RISE Score — provides a quick snapshot of the risk level that clients may face in retirement, and the potential retirement income gap they may have. With a few key pieces of financial information, the RISE Score projects clients’ potential retirement income and expenses in several scenarios. The resulting score tells a person their retirement income readiness.

A great way to explain the RISE Score to clients is to position it as a credit score for retirement — a single measure of income security during the financial planning process. The RISE Score can help you assess how well clients’ retirement portfolios will cover the basics — like living expenses and health care costs — along with how clients can improve their retirement security by applying lifetime income solutions to a retirement strategy.

Protective Life is proud to partner with the Alliance for Lifetime Income to create awareness of and educate Americans about the importance of protecting their financial futures. The RISE Score can help clients get a more accurate picture of their retirement income needs. Share the RISE Score with new prospects to jump-start the conversation about how you can help them create retirement income they can’t outlive.

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