Iowa requires producers who want to sell any indexed insurance products (life or annuity) to complete the one-time Iowa Indexed Product Training course with at least four credits, prior to soliciting or selling these products. This requirement applies to resident and nonresident insurance producers.

Upon receiving an application for an indexed product sold in Iowa, Protective’s contracting team will verify that the agent has completed the required training. If completion of the training is verified, the application will be processed.

If completion of the training is not verified, Protective will notify the case contact (BGA, broker-dealer or agent) and request either:

  1. Proof of completion of the required training prior to the date the application was signed; or
  2. A new application signed after completion of the required training

If neither is received within 10 days, the file will be closed and any money received with the application will be returned.

When quoting or preparing applications for indexed products in Iowa, please remember this training requirement. More information can be found on the Iowa Insurance Division website.

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