Policy loans can provide an easy and accessible source of cash for clients. However, in some cases, it makes sense to rescue a policy that is in distress due to a substantial loan.

A policy lapse could leave clients in financial ruin – resulting in a major loss for your business. Instead, exchange a near-lapsing policy with Protective® Strategic Objectives II VUL, which offers a stable, yet flexible solution for your clients.

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Let’s deliver on our promises. Together.

For Financial Professional Use Only. Not for Use With Consumers.
Variable universal life insurance policies issued by Protective Life Insurance Company (PLICO), located in Nashville, TN. Securities offered by Investment Distributors, Inc. (IDI), the principal underwriter for registered products issued by PLICO, its affiliate. IDI is
located in Birmingham, AL.
Variable universal life insurance involves the risks of investing in stocks, bonds and other securities; market, interest rate and credit risk; and, loss of principle. If the investment performance of underlying investments is poorer than expected (or if sufficient premiums are not paid), the policy may lapse or not accumulate sufficient value to fund the intended application.

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