At Protective Life, delivering what’s promised is a decision — one we make every day — and doing the right thing is the foundation of everything we do. Therefore, we wish to inform you that we will be reducing the current interest crediting rate on Protective Advantage Choice UL from 3.75% to 3.50%, for both new business and current in-force business. This change will enable us to continue offering this solid, well-designed life insurance solution that meets our customers’ expectations.

Important note: Please be aware that this rate change will not impact the 1-2013 or 6-2013 versions of Protective Advantage Choice UL. The interest crediting rate for these product versions will remain at 2.5%.

The rate change will be available with Protective Advantage Choice UL illustrations beginning May 18, 2020 and are effective June 30, 2020. The rate change will be effective on in-force Protective Advantage Choice UL policies beginning June 30, 2020.

Questions? Contact the Protective Life Sales Desk at 877-778-3500, option 1.

Let’s deliver on our promises. Together.

For Professional Use Only. Not for Use With Consumers.
Protective is a registered trademark of Protective Life Insurance Company and Advantage Choice is a trademark of Protective Life Insurance Company.
Protective Advantage Choice UL (UL-21) is a universal life insurance policy issued by Protective Life Insurance Company, Brentwood, TN. Policy form numbers, product features and availability may vary by state. Consult policies for benefits, riders, limitations and exclusions. Subject to underwriting. Up to a two-year contestable and suicide period. Benefits adjusted for misstatements of age or sex. In Montana, unisex rates apply. All payments and all guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of Protective Life Insurance Company.

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