Did you know 71% of consumers believe the U.S. economy is likely to enter a recession this year?1 50% of workers say a recession would have a strong impact on their ability to save for retirement, while 33% believe it would strongly affect their retirement income sources.1

How can you help?
Retirement planning in the face of economic uncertainty isn’t the kind of thing clients can tackle by themselves. That’s why they look to your agents for solutions to help see them through life’s uncertainties. Protective Life offers resources to help your agents initiate important retirement planning conversations and present solutions, like Protective® Guaranteed Income Indexed Annuity. It offers three powerful guarantees to help clients achieve the retirement they envision with steady and predictable lifetime income.

Your agents can help clients better plan for the unexpected by starting conversations about the need for guaranteed solutions.

How can your agents get started?

  • Share this video with your agents so they can educate clients about the dangers of underestimating retirement risks and how a guaranteed solution can help.
  • Your agents can customize and share this resource to show clients how a Protective Guaranteed Income Indexed Annuity offers steady lifetime income to meet their needs.
  • Then, agents can follow up with this flyer to show clients how this solution offers different options to help grow contract value in a variety of market scenarios.

For additional information please contact your Protective Life representative.

Let’s deliver on our promises. Together.

PLAG.1679500 (04.20)
For Professional Use Only. Not for Use With Consumers.
1LIMRA. Secure Retirement Institute. Coronavirus (COVID-19): Consumer Recession Predictions. April 2020
All payments and guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of Protective Life Insurance Company.
Annuities are long-term insurance contracts intended for retirement planning.
Protective Guaranteed Income is a limited flexible premium deferred indexed annuity contract with a limited market value adjustment, issued under contract form series FIA-P-2010 and FIA-P-2011 and state variations thereof. The Guaranteed Income Benefit is provided under rider form series FIA-P-6048. Protective Income Indexed annuity is issued by Protective Life Insurance Company located in Birmingham, AL. Contract form numbers, product availability and features may vary by state.
Protective Guaranteed Income Annuity is not an investment in any index, is not a security or stock market investment, doesn’t not participate in any stock or equity investment, and does not contain dividends.

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